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Ultra Portable Laptops

Anyone any experience of these? Can they be readily programmed? They look like a brilliant little interface to a mid-sized robot (USB, WiFi, battery-powered, etc...) With refurbished prices of around $100, it's be well worth considering.

...but they need to be programmable...

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if you're talking about Asus EEE and similar, they're complete PC, and so just as programmable as any other pc. They're indeed a very good choice for medium sized robot. You have all the pc goodies in there: wireless, webcam, tcp/ip, cpu power, etc etc.

Even xkcd think so :)

How the hell do you build an XP installation into a 4Gb drive?

Edit: Yes. I just discovered nLite.

my father as a asus eeepc,

running winXP ...    programmable as any other PC with XP

the keyboard is a bit small 



want something programmable ?    try some picaxe 18x based laptop  ;)