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Ok dumb question, but can the ping be mounted sidways?  so the sensors are vertical like an 8 or does it have to be 00 ?

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that main thing it is going to be avoiding is my cats. and i am wondering if the it being sideways will make it see the floor  as an obstical, IE: does the signal come out the sides more than the top or bottom? or is it about equal? not worrid about how accurate it is :)

It is mostly a cone shaped signal. It will eventually see the floor, but the distance will be far enough that it shouldnt make a difference unless you mount the sensor a cm from the floor.

I would be more worried about the cats fur absorbing some of the signal and making it seem farther away. Make sure to tinker with it and watch how close the cat gets before it stops.

The only problem is you want to the be mounted so that it sends it signal as close as possible to being flat. What I mean is you want it to be a level as possible no matter how it is mounted. If the signal gets sent out and hits the wall at a weird angle it can slightly affect the measurement. The closer to level in all 3 axis the more accurate it will be. That being said the sensor is never 100% accurate. For that you need to spend a lot more money ;)
shouldnt matter witch way you mount it ...