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IR or ultrasonic

hello all,

i have a gradtion project which is a (car  search for an object) in a room , keeptracking it, then take apictures (3-4) then send it wireless to a pc,

the problem is whate the sensors i will use to detect an object.

at firstly i decide to use a sound sensor but i  found all sound sensors in  the range doesnt exceed the 5 m so i want to switch to IR sensor or ultrasonic sensor but im realy confused,

please help me.which one is the better,

thanks alot 

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thanks alot for helping me,

i decide to make my car search on a human in aroom!!

The first major hurdle is how does the robot know the object it is trying to track was found. Maybe it was a chair or a table or a box? You need to figure out how your car will find THE object it is looking for. That will help you figure out which sensor you need. Finding the distance between your car and any object won't help. Even if the object is the ONLY thing in the room it has to know what is a wall and what is the object you want.
Since your already taking pictures just use the camera to track the object. That is the best way to track anyway. Other than that it would be the IR sensor.
if using an ir sensor you could get a hotspot from the emmiter depending on how strong it is. In that case, I'd go with the us sensor.