Let's Make Robots!

Collapsable colorcoded codesections for the blogs and forums.

Does letsmakerobots.com have support for such a feature?, it would imo. be perfect for posting c/asm/basic code and snippets, even long ones, without spamming up a whole page.

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I know it would be nice.

So far the best is ataching as a file, see best practice bottom.

TheCowGod and I are the only ones working on LMR right now. And I am behind with every project, so it is not going to be me doing this, sorry.

I dont know about TCG?

The site is made in Drupal, if there is anyone else out there who wants to be admin / who can fix this & have the time, please let us know :) 

/ Fritsl

I've created and worked with code for mediawiki.  It has a plug-in which automatically color-codes many different languages (asm, c, java, php, perl, etc..) . Its pretty slick, you just put in what language your code is and save it - here is an example http://www.gizmogarden.com/index.php/PCI-DIO-96  I don't have much experience in Drupal, I've been more interested in mediawiki software - and the concept of creating structured documents with many collaborators.  I can see certain advantages with Drupal (pre-defined templates, higher levels of authorization, etc..) ...

I wrote a plugin which integrates some of the features of wordpress (comments) with mediawiki (many people have found it useful) - maybe creating an amalgam between drupal and mediawiki would be the most adventageous thing to do (since the colorcoding plugin is already there). 

Just my 3.1415927 cents...