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Sumo Bot


 Oh, yeah, the low cost is due to the fact that we (built with a classmate) used all scrap parts except for hookup wire

Okay, so this project is SUMO BOT for new york Science olympiad, Rules here

Rule recap

  1. bot must fit in 30cm x 30 cm square
  2. wiegh no more than 2500g
  3. maximum voltage of batteries must be less than or equal to 18 volts
  4. must operate on 3 frequencies



BOT BODY & MOTORS (shown below)

Sorry, pic will be up tomorrow


(2) 7.2 volt Nickle Metal Hydride rechargables 2200mAh


Futaba Attack AM transmitter (below)


 BS2 programed to read the pulse width from both channels on the transmitter and power the relays (program will be posted tomorow)


Relays bought here


Relay Configuration

1234 (relay #'s)

1001   Fwd

0110   Back

1010   Left

0101   Right

2N3904 NPN transistors used to drive Coils


1Nsomething Diodes used to prevent reverse emf damage 



 More info will be up tomorow

sorry for the crappy phone picture quality


WE GOT 6TH PLACE!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! I have to borrow a card reader from a friend, then the vid will be up...6th out of 22!!!!our team is going to the state competition


 We have dubed the bot "the labotamy" 


 Below is another event I participated in, Electric Vehicle, I'm on theleft, Kevin on the right is also the one who helped out with the sumo bot, in E.V. we placed 2nd, 1st place was our schools second team, we both helped with that one too ;P



We will build a new bot from scratch for states, WE WANT 1ST!!!!!

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what state? What events do you compete in, I saw the robocross, what else? Who knows, we might be able to share some ideas next year!

hey im in science olypiad too!



I really like the name!


Cant wait to see the video! Congrats on your placing! :D
I love science olympiad, lol