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Snakinator - limbless snake robot

A snake robot. Serpentine locomotion and other snake gaits read from a micro SD card. Obstable avoidance and eventially path planning.

This is our entry into the PIC32 challenge. Please check it out on http://www.pivut.com/snake.htm and VOTE FOR US before 2/10/09!

It is our first robot. All of the source (schematic, source code, etc.) is available on the mypic32 site (see link above).

Please give us feedback.

The robot is a limbless snake robot with a PIC32 brain. It contains a microSD card reader to load in the various gaits to control the snake movement.  Other sensors include an accelerometer, ultrasonic rangefinder, and touch sensors along the bottom.

We hope to complete it during the next month and have a final video!

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The snakinator has been entered in the Microchip's PIC32 Challenge design contest and we have made it to the Phase III round beating out hundreds of other competitors! Please help us get to the next round by voting for us.

All directions on how to build the robot are posted including complete source code!

PLEASE give us feedback on this! We want to make it better.

Seems cool though I didnt see it work since the video is way too long. Its best for LMR videos to just show it working and then describe it in text. Keep up the great work though! :)

That really is a desperately long video of some guy's hand coming in to shot once in a while. I was hoping for a snake...

I'd love to vote for it, but I'd want to see it first! Fortunately, 02/Oct/09 (!) is a long time away yet. Hopefully there'll be something to vote for by then.

At the moment, it looks like it's at "concept" stage. Sorry.

cool, but isnt it going to be difficult to get everything to fit in the body ?

interesting but I wish I could see details of it. link you provided is having problems. could you please mail it to bot.ravindra@gmail.com