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Vote for Snakinator - a limbless snake robot!

I just posted a blurb about our Snakinator project on LMR. It is in the final rounds of the Microchip PIC32 Challenge contest where we have beat out hundreds of other projects so far. BUT, we need your help in voting us into the final round!

Details of the project with links to the PIC32 challenge are at http://www.pivut.com/snake.htm

All of the robot project components, including schematic and source code, are available to look at on the mypic32 site. 

Some of the cool features that you can use:

1. Control up to 32 servos from a single PIC controller.

2. Reads from a microSD card to determine gait pattern, servo centerings, and eventually path planning.

3. Obstable avoidance with an I2C ultrasonic sensor.

4. Uses touch sensors on the bottom.

5. Integrates an I2C accelerometer.

Thanks for checking it out!

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I'm sorry but I found the same as base in your video. It was just plain boring. Good concept, quite a technological challenge but there are other projects in the challenge that are presented in a more complete state so I don't like your chances.

http://tistudio-video.s3.amazonaws.com/video_34754_544f33a2e341e3ddf552117a6cf0f43e.flv is a 6 legged lawn mower and while I have doubts that it would ever become a marketable product. I'm sure all robot lovers would be more interested in the way it is presented in the video. Unless of course you hate Italian music : )

See, there's another case in point. A six-legged lawnmower. I'd like to see it cutting grass. Specially if I have to endure that spectacularly irritating piece of music. Don't get me wrong: I'm sure it's hard to sing, but stone me, it's hard to listen to. (Except the thumpy-thumpy bit at the very end. It was kinda funny.)
whoops my bad. My youtube isn't working for some reason
cool, but you will probably get alot more votes and response here if you have video. Even if it is not finished video is always liked here :)
It's cross-posted here. There's a video, but I can't see any evidence of robots or snakes. There's a guy's hand which comes into shot periodically, though.