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IR controlled Robot

This is my first robot and I am quite pleased with it. I use a standard remote to control

forward, backward, left, right, and stop. I put together the simple circuit on a small bored

and put the IR receiver on the other side. I plan to add more features which I can control

with the IR remote. I want white leds for headlights and red for tail lights. An srf05 range sensor on

a servo would allow me to push a button and put the bot into roam mode where it could go off

on its own. I want to add voice more than anything. I was thinking of getting the mp3 player

and recording phrases from my macs voice generator. I could then have it say things like

the date and temperature. Besides movement I feel like voice is the big life giver to robots.

After I have all my concepts down I plan to put it into a bigger frame and have it casually

roam around the house, maybe solar panels for when it roams outside. Tell me what you

think! Thanks! 


Bryan 47 

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Yeah Frits we need to find a good way to let our bots communicate

with voice. I'll see what I can find.

GroG, I used imovie on my mac to produce the video, my first

one too which shows how easy macs are to use. The jabo

project sounds excellent but what is a good way for 

the rest of us to interface our bots to the net? 

I use Window's movie maker which is a breeze too.

Rematch, REMATCH !

Fantastic job on your first robot.  I like the big bolts on the canopy (metal?) .  Great video too, what did you use to do the captioning?  I use Linux mostly, but have not found a free video captioning program yet.  So voice next, thats a great idea.  Do you thing you'd be interested in this project -> Jabo ?



This is cool!!

You have not fileld out the "aditional information" when submitting the robot, but on the picture I can see that you are using my fovorite; Picaxe 28 board :D

There is no problem with you using a secondary circuit for the IR - but just for the record; The 28-board has that build in; You just have to add the IR sensor and a few other resistors etc.

I totally agree that voice is paramount. And so I wnt on and tested the "Soundgin" chip. And I just write this to warn you - this chip and it´s documentation is a mess. Nobody can firure out to really use it, and there is no suppert. Many, many errors in documentation, do not go for it!

I have never done a robot with voice - I'd love to. Just as you say; read out temperature, or "There is 23 inches from me to you" that kind of usefull but funny stuff :)

"Please step aside" :D 

Congrats on your first robot!! Well done!

/ Fritsl