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I'm here again! How to choose the flyback diodes?

Shoule we see the stall current of the motor that robot used or anything else?

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Oddbot probably means 1N4007 rectifiers. High speed Schottky rectifiers like 1N5819 can also work. Current can be an important consideration, but the transistors you'd mentioned previously weren't high current, so the diodes should not need to be spec'd high. Being able to shunt off reversed flow quickly is most important.
Thanks to the reply of OddBot and robologist !!!
Shottcky diodes will be better ans they are faster and have a lower foward  voltage typically .3-.4v vs .7 for gp diodes. Shottcky's also have a lower reverse voltage so make sure to look at that when picking. SB160's will be more than adequate for most drivers.