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my simple bot

Avoid obsticals with IR

this is my first robot it is just a simple one that nagiates around using IR to avoid obsticals it rotates it's self to look left and right. the looking is goverend by a random varaible to make so you dont know what it will do. I used Gm3 motors from solarbotics to drive and a L293D motor driver


 the First Video is the fisrt platform


the Second video is with some refined code and a second battery pack

















 I conneced the motors by using a female to femal jumper and have put pins on the board and a pin in the end of each of the motors cables to make it easy to change it around.


This is the connections for the motors. end of the wire to the motor is wraped in electrical tape (rubberey tape)


I also found that because this what my first robot I had bought a digital sharp sensor not knowing how much a diffrece there is between that on and the anlouge one I has also goten one of the cables for a analouge sensor pluged it in and it works just as I think that a analouge one.


this is the digital sharp senson you can tell because I has the red backing (compared to the one i saw that was not red) working with an analouge cable.

 Update 02/07/2009

I have added a 9v supply to v2 to run the motors so he is a little bit faster.

with the new V2 battery pack on

this is the robot with the new battery pack on hooked up to v2


I think that next I will lower the IR and add ultrasonic and then work at trying to get it to work off a battery solar panel mix.

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Cool robot! Very neat and good looking compared to my first robot
nice bot ;)
great job on your first bot!
beats my first robot by a landslide!!! haha great achevement!

Hadn't thought of using my K'nex for a robot body. I will consider that. Thanks for the idea and great bot.


Pretty cool robot, good to see the progress made.

About the sensor, it appears to be a HVWTech I2C-it IR sensor, that allows the Sharp GP2D12 ranger to be read with serial I2C commands (as well as the regular analog signals being available).Most of the regualr Sharps, whether digital or analog output, have greeen PCBs, where the special I2C-it adds a standard red Solarbotics PCB on the outside for the I2C capabilities.