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This is my second proyect i decided to make a biped ( in emulation of the metal gear saga )

the circuit that controls the servos consists in a pic16f88 and i also use the arduino decimilla

am going to post the drawings and schmes in a couple of days


any tips with the walk sync or any other subject are welcomed.

the the mesurements are in cm and they where made out from the servos

there are 2 kinds of servos in this proyect futaba 3004 and hi tec hs-311 (standard servos)




Ok here are some better pics 










front and hip




Servo brackets all the numbers arein cm 




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I dig it man. Are you fabricating all the aluminum parts?
Yeha, but i was born with a horrible hand precision.... so as you can imagen the  the parts are not 100 grate. Thats why a cnc might do the trick (cunrrently on the way)
"On the way as in "purchased" or "on the way" as in "being manufactured"?
being manufactured

Ooooohhh. I been donw that road as well. Steppers, you say? Not very torquey. Have you seen this?


Am working on a CNC to make things the way they are supose be (lite and precise). Am going to be using srepper motors. More info soon.

Feal free to suggest any good ideas

are they cheap? whered you get them?


I too build bipeds.  Is this a kit or homebrew design?  Its very interesting.  Only $100!?  One gram in weight!?  2 days to build!?  Are you sure?!?!

still cool though



it is home made, the exoesqueleton is aluminum 1/16 inch (30$ sheet) and if you have the materials and the schems takes 2 days to put together. i will continue working  on it wen the semester end.

thanks 4 your coments ^^

I hope those servos are fast as well as strong otherwise reaction time could be a problem. I suspect some gyros like they use in model helicopters could help a lot with the balance although they might be expensive. Pressure sensors in the feet would also help it to determine if the foot is well placed when walking on uneven surfaces. I think you've got your work cut out for you.