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This is my second proyect i decided to make a biped ( in emulation of the metal gear saga )

the circuit that controls the servos consists in a pic16f88 and i also use the arduino decimilla

am going to post the drawings and schmes in a couple of days


any tips with the walk sync or any other subject are welcomed.

the the mesurements are in cm and they where made out from the servos

there are 2 kinds of servos in this proyect futaba 3004 and hi tec hs-311 (standard servos)




Ok here are some better pics 










front and hip




Servo brackets all the numbers arein cm 




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now..... how about inclinometers have you usethem are  they ok?

I haven't used them or gyros but a gyro will be much better as it responds to change in angle and can compensate for changes due to loss of balance quickly and automatically. The only inclinometer I've seen was in an automatic spirit level and was incredibly slow to get an accurate reading. Your robot might fall before it knows there is anything wrong. Talking to model experts I found that a gyro can be connected in between the controller and the servo causing the servo to correct automatically for rotation not called for by the controller. They have even been used in offroad model cars to help prevent loss of control on slippery surfaces and are now considered cheating. they could be used to adjust your ankle servos to maintain balance. Since my information is second hand you should check them out for yourself.


thanks i will
This Dual axis gyro might be a good solution for balance.

wow this looks amazing..

really resembles metal gear!

im very interested to see where this is going.

looking forward for more photos and videos of its present condition!

je je je i dont know if i should put a jaw like Metar rex has

 Could we get some more details please?

What kind of circuits, what kind of actuators, Du you have any consept drawings, and some decent pics with size reference would be interesting.

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Right now it has and arduino am hoping to change it to 2 1f88 in bus



One visible servo appears to be a Futaba S3004, a standard sized with 44 oz-in (3.2 kg-cm) torque at 4.8 volts, 57 oz-in (4.1 kg-cm) at 6 volts. You'll probably find that these won't support the weight of your robot. And that the plastic gears will tend to strip out. I don't know if you have other types of servos at use at other joints, but it might be worth it to look at maybe HiTec HS-645s to start. There has been disucussion on a Tower MG995 servos here, that have some good torque but can be dodgy. I'm thinking through my own biped, and will probably risk the cheapy high torques or a close servo.
ich!! it weights 1kg am hoping that it will suport what do you think  (am cashless) :P