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Enter Network Password

Anyone ever seen the "Enter Network Password" dialog appear repeatedly in MS Outlook? It's really starting to piss me off.

It comes up every few minutes. The password is already entered (asterisked out). Even if I click "Save this password in your password list" it still comes back.

I Googled it. There are loads of instances, but none of the proposed solutions works for me...!

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Are you trying to download messages from a mailbox at an ISP using POP? I get spates of enter password prompts when doing this. I don't think i's a password problem. I think it's because the ISP is slow or overloaded, but M$ just doesn't have an appropriate response for this and chucks the password message. I just hit return or cancel as the mood takes me. Eventually the problem goes away.


Yep. I'm pretty sure it's when the POP authentication takes place.

It's irritating when you have a crap ISP.

As a sysadmin, I don't fret about them anymore and I try to stay away from outlook.

Mike's hypothesis actually sounds, ehm, sound. Maybe it's that hundred year old copper in the street?

There's been a big thing in the UK media recently about ISPs offering "up to 8Mbps." Apparently a lot of folk sign up and then get really pissed when they don't get 8M. I had done a bit of background and had come to the conclusion that on our 100 year old copper (not much of an exaggeration) I would need to be in the telco compound right next to their ATM switch in order to get that speed.

I tend to go my own way too rather than being one of the Microshaft sheep. Sometimes, though, it pays to do the same thing as my employer. For the sake of consistency.

Hehehe! I remember when we had Windows 2000 in work and I had Windows 98 at home. He have a policy to lock workstations when we walk away from them. I got into the habit of instinctively pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL then ENTER. On W2K that would lock the station. Many nights, I got called for dinner and instinctively pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL then ENTER on W98, which of course, brought up the task list and terminated the topmost application.


I've read into it a bit more now. Microsucks are happy enough to admit that if there's a problem connecting to the POP mailbox, it doesn't tell you there's a problem: it just asks you AGAIN to authenticate. (Which explains why it was popping up irregularly: sometimes it was working, sometimes it wasn't.)

Case closed.

The copper is fine - over-engineered as usual. The problem for broadband is a) the joints in the coper; and b) the alumininium that was used instead of copper for a while. It will be interested if/when they run fibre to the street corner cabinet and then just use copper for the final hundred yards. Performance should go up dramatically. Cable, the alternative for city dwellers, has its own problems. Mostly that cable companies don't know how to provide solid back-end IT infrastructure - perhaps it's just too expensive for them.


Well Virgin reckon they're about to do it. As you say, NTL and the likes have only put thick copper in large towns, so we got bypassed.

My street gets dug up once a year as a matter of course anyway. Last year was the streetlights. This year was the water. When i rule the world, you're not going to be allowed to dig up the street unless you're dropping a buggering great conduit which can accommodate a man walking upright and all the water and electricity and data cables. TWICE.

I wonder how much it would cost to run a sodding great fibre up to my street and then sublet it to my neighbours...

what about changing the timing that the client checks for email. every hour or so...less annoying and you can manually check when you need to. Though this won't stop the failures, it'll stop the dialog boxes from coming up every few minutes...



Yeah, but I like the distraction of mail popping up regularly!!

I'm suffering from it today. It will pass as always.