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Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

Hi everyone :)

Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

I have had the same thoughts before; at a point I felt like we where so many in here, that it was impossible to follow everything & everyone..

It sure is now.

Last time I did & said nothing, and it turned out to be the right solution; So many cool people dropped in, people I would never have known else. I am thankful I did not limit acess then.

However, are we shooting ourselves in the foot by growing uncontrolled? >There is like more than 2.000 people in here every day! More thatn 2.000 individual visitors.. I do not "know" everybody, is this cool?

Let me hear what you say :)

It would be easy to just shout down for new members for a while..

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Ooh! Ooh! Or maybe they couldn't start their own topics until they pass the test. They could start with a limited account until then.

A) i think this thread is getting way too long, so I try not to respond :)

B) Zanthess, your idea is brilliant IMHO!

C) Zanthess; Your idea would take quite lot of web-work, or manual administration. Boththings we have way too little of :/

D) I never intended my thoughts to pick on "stupid questions & noobs", I just liked the way it was when I was able to follow everyones projects, and more get to know everyone. I found it more cosy, a better party.

E) I am considering how to make more ways of "comunities in the community", and make lists more precise and shorter to help better overview. 

Well, I actually did consider




as break-outs, clean copies without data, a fresh start.. Sorta like different chatrooms. But things like components-database and the like could be common.

New users would start on letsmakerobots.com, and could then change focus.

Actually I cannot remember why I abandoned the idea? Was it good?

YES. I like it. You can't beat a bit of T and A.

Joking aside, would you consider trying to redistribute the existing database among the sub-communities? Might be a bit of a nightmare.

Instead of limiting user accounts. Integrate user account levels. Like say beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Those who contribute a lot would be under advanced/intermediate on the front page. All the beginners would be on the 2nd page for beginner bots and such. All beginner forums would have to be approved by the mediator. Intermediate and advanced would just be good to go for everything. You could add a link up top for "start here and beginner bots" or something like that.

Just an idea for separating the site up a little.

I'm in agreement with folks who do not want to restrict access. As they have pointed out, we never know who might join and contribute to this great group. Think of all of the ctc's, BOA's, Mintvelts, riks, etc.. that have yet to join. Try this. Think about if we stopped access to users go by incremement of 500(based on user id).....who's below 500, 1000, 1500, 2000.....you'll see that great contributors have come in various times...

The bigger this site gets, the more word of mouth it gets and the more it shows up on the radar for people trying to learn and search for how to build a robot. Try doing searches on google, we're showing up more and more....thats awesome!!   Take a look at that user map....this site is global and in that reach it inspires others to build and contribute.

IF anything, this site is going through growing pains and we need to figure out how to deal with these situations.

Some thoughts are. allow users to sign up but prevent certain actions from being done untill the first 10-20 posts in the noob section.

Start a wiki (wiki.letsmakerobots.com)so as to have something more easily searchable and more of a user friendly interface for viewing topics.

certain forums are only accessible to users that have a completed bot maybe even require video.


Lets not limit users, just limit their abilities....If someone really wants to be a part of the community, they will rise up.

That's not the first time Wiki has been mentioned. I'm just re-emphasising it.

After much thought...

If we closed registration I would likely go elsewhere. There could be another person who has been tinkering away for years and they havent found us yet. When they do registration is closed and we can't reap the rewards of their time and research. By letting people join we all learn more much faster than if we were alone. What if registration was closed before you joined? I think we need to focus on a goal. Is it to create a website that serves newbies as well as advanced users? If so we are doing it! If we only want advanced users then close registration. I'm all about learning AND teaching. Yes the same basic questions keep popping up, but those people still need guidance too.

Maybe we can make a part of the forum that is only open to users that have been on for X months, or made X number of posts or made X number of robots.  But dont close registrationI think that goes against what we are all here for!

I would RTFM for this site and send an appropriate email to the admins. I would then have worked on my bots and showed my progress. Then I would have become a memeber!


Yay! and now you know I am not a spammer! woot!