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Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

Hi everyone :)

Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

I have had the same thoughts before; at a point I felt like we where so many in here, that it was impossible to follow everything & everyone..

It sure is now.

Last time I did & said nothing, and it turned out to be the right solution; So many cool people dropped in, people I would never have known else. I am thankful I did not limit acess then.

However, are we shooting ourselves in the foot by growing uncontrolled? >There is like more than 2.000 people in here every day! More thatn 2.000 individual visitors.. I do not "know" everybody, is this cool?

Let me hear what you say :)

It would be easy to just shout down for new members for a while..

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Well, I'm pretty new here and not the most spectacular 'bot builder but I have a suggestion. Why don't we have a whole new section in the forum's for the start here robot. In this "start here" forum we could have stickies on posts that are commonly asked such as my multiple beginner posts (that all got answered). This way we could avoid posts like "it dunt werk". Anyway this is my idea.

I haven't read all the thread (sorry little time), but here's my idea:

  • limiting is a bad idea, not seen in any other community. Indeed, from my point of view, the more, the better.
  • i know it was nice to all knowing each other, but that's normal when a site gets big to loose that. and btw, the hardcore users are always a handfull anyway :)

About content duplication: i think this can be address by making the site a little clearer. Example:

  • Better forum category. Current electronic/mechanics/etc make little sense. Better to subdivide per system, es: navigation, sensors, motros, etc, and by board (picaxe, arduino etc).
  • Better search function. Maybe it can be improved in some way.
  • Moderators: have people monitor the forums and block repeated thread, redirecting the user to the relevant older thread instead.
  • Serious rating of content: interesting articles should have more space. This is true for all stuff: robots, blog entries, forum topics, etc. They could be rated either by users or by moderators (or both).
  • Better robot description: sometimes peoplejust upload pictures and two lines of description. The descripton should be more involved, explaining better how the robot was build, just as if it was a "build it yourself" guide. This will help noobs asking less obvious questions.
I totally agree with everything you said.

To the ones fearing that closing gates would make people not participate - well, that was the point :) I am (not planning) considering if we are just "LMR" - us! And let us just continue like that.

Every month we could allow say 10 new members, or every year, we could allow 100 or something.

I think we are a great bunch, and just being us would mean that we would be able to grow in quality as a team, not in quantity as a website.

It would show some balls to be a place where you'd have to ...? to get in. We have those balls, because LMR belongs to us; No ads!

Freakin strongest robo-building team on the web!! As opposed to a rapid growing community.

My vote is that we close off, and everyone inside can invite someone from outside to participate + anyone from the outside can write to us to let us know why they should be a member too.

So I dont really have the right to say anything with only 2 little bots made lol.

But I think closing off and have this be a membership only community with non members only able to access maybe front page and some of the forums would be a good idea. Just to be able to check out the site to see if they want to be members.

You will prolly need moderators also. Forum moderators, robot moderators. When some one posts something as a robot that should be a blog or forum the moderator could change that up really quick from a Robot to a forum post.

Well thats my 2 cents for whatever it is worth. I do love this site and am glad I found it when I did. :D

Sure you do have something to say - You are a member, so you are LMR! And so are the hundreds, if not thousands of other members who never even added one robot!

My point is; We are all sorts & all kinds!

We already have some moderators, Jklug80 for one is very active, and in general we have a very good spirit of helping and telling off. I'd hate if we where to have more moderators, because I would have to spend more time on it. It just does take time for one central person to keep things running smooth, just does.

Make it so that in order to become a member you have to present a robot or other contribution that has to be approved by two other members.

[edit] just a suggestion 

Seen in the light that we really do not need more members now in order to have fun - and seen in the light that more members are likely to create more chaos, I personally think it is a good point. Not that I do not like new members, I am just not sure that I think that right now more members is a good idea.

I was agreeing with you at first, but then I thought, "If this had been put into effect 2 weeks ago, I probably would have given up already." It seams to me to be sort of a selfish point.

Sorry if that was a bit harsh.

It's your show Frits, and so ultimately your decision, but my experience and my instinct says that you would be totally wrong to try to limit access. That's the fastest route to LMR's death.