Let's Make Robots!

Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

Hi everyone :)

Are we too many in here, should we start limiting acess?

I have had the same thoughts before; at a point I felt like we where so many in here, that it was impossible to follow everything & everyone..

It sure is now.

Last time I did & said nothing, and it turned out to be the right solution; So many cool people dropped in, people I would never have known else. I am thankful I did not limit acess then.

However, are we shooting ourselves in the foot by growing uncontrolled? >There is like more than 2.000 people in here every day! More thatn 2.000 individual visitors.. I do not "know" everybody, is this cool?

Let me hear what you say :)

It would be easy to just shout down for new members for a while..

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After much thought...

If we closed registration I would likely go elsewhere. There could be another person who has been tinkering away for years and they havent found us yet. When they do registration is closed and we can't reap the rewards of their time and research. By letting people join we all learn more much faster than if we were alone. What if registration was closed before you joined? I think we need to focus on a goal. Is it to create a website that serves newbies as well as advanced users? If so we are doing it! If we only want advanced users then close registration. I'm all about learning AND teaching. Yes the same basic questions keep popping up, but those people still need guidance too.

Maybe we can make a part of the forum that is only open to users that have been on for X months, or made X number of posts or made X number of robots.  But dont close registrationI think that goes against what we are all here for!

I would RTFM for this site and send an appropriate email to the admins. I would then have worked on my bots and showed my progress. Then I would have become a memeber!


Yay! and now you know I am not a spammer! woot!

Hail, I agree.

Some may say that I am against what I was before, but that should be a quality; I am listening, understanding, changing perspective :)

Now, let's say there is some genious from Honda that would like to join, but he sees the frontpage, and it is for ever filled up with "my first robot" - do we want this?

Should we devide the frontpage into "First timers" and "Stuff from people who have entered at least one walkthrough and 2 robots"? So we would always have some advanced stuff on the frontpage, not just lists of first robot?

Please remember, it's just thoughts :)

The voting system in LMR is WAAAAY underused. It might be an idea (just an idea) to re-order the front page by number of votes. That way, the very best stuff is on there.

But even if this never happens, the voting system is still waaay underused!!!

That was discussed at length in a post some time ago in another one of your forums. Many didn't want to rate a robot as it might discourage a begginer if they got a bad rating. I fall into that category although if a robot really impresses me then I can't help but give them a big thumbs up.
I still think honesty pays and if plenty of people vote, the law of "good cop / bad cop" will average it out so that even if a robot is completely crap (which none of them are) it will take the edge off a little.
If the rating system was being used for something I would actually rate stuff more often. The only problem is when people post a robot in progress it may get low scores. When they get it done it may only have a few stars but be an awesome robot. Votes almost need to fade away after a month to keep that in check.
The only problem is the front page could then get stale with old robots. I doubt YDM would ever get dethroned.

If crap on the front page is the concern, then divide it up as suggested.

A constant churn of robots - good or bad - coming to the top keeps the page fresh (I'm sure that encourgages the search engines) and encourages beginners.

Add a section for robot of the month/week - every bot added and modified during the week goes into a poll and every member gets a vote. Three with the most votes get show-cased until the next vote.


Maybe divide it up into three sections. The first section shows a few of robots from people who have made at least 10 robots, then the second group shows a few robots from those who have made at least 3, the last section shows my first robots or walkthroughs.