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Stomper - 3 servo hexapod

Navigates around using ultrasound

This is "Stomper", a 3-servo walking robot I built a few years ago from plans in Karl Williams "Insectronics" book. I've resurrected him from my robot junk pile to be my first robot posted here. He wanders about making noise until he runs out of battery power or we get tired of him stomping about frightening the cat or one of our dogs. He uses an SRF04 ultrasonic ranger to "map" the space in front of him and avoid obstacles.

Since several here are asking a bit more information.  Here's another go... :-) I've attached a few more photo's and a bit more description for those that who are interested in the mechanical details.


Top view

Stomper, top view

Bottom view

Stomper, bottom view


Here is a link to the "Insectronics" book on Amazon, you might be able to find a copy at your local booksellers as well. If you want to build one, be forewarned this isn't exactly a beginning project! You will need to make pc board if you follow the directions in the book. You will also need a Pic programmer to program the PICmicro 16F84A. I built my programmer from another book - the "el-cheapo programmer" from "Programming and Customizing PICmicrontrollers" by Myke Predko.

The software demonstrated in the YouTube video is straight out of the Insectronics book, this link: minimap.bas will show you the code I used. You could also use room-mapping.bas for nearly identical behavior - though a bit more open to some fun hacking!

If you are good with translating code, it should be easily adaptable to a BASIC Stamp or  PicAxe (that is so popular here). Since the pc board is very close to the same size as an Arduino I am tempted to convert to that (maybe I will sometime, hmmm).

Stomper is built of hobby aluminum I found at my local hardware store, as well as the little rubber bumpers I used for the feet. You will need some basic metalworking tools to build the body - a hacksaw, a drill, a tape-measure, and a screwdriver should do it. The book assembles him with small bolts, I used pop-rivets on the non-moving frame parts, bolts and lockwashers elsewhere. I also put a dab of superglue in the leg joints as the bolts loosened from walking.

In case anyone wants to know Stomper is about 21cm x 20cm, stands about 10cm tall (~ 8.5" x 8", 4" tall)

Have fun!



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This is the best use of three servos to build a hexapod which is able to turn left, right and around very smoothly that I have ever seen. I like your design very much!

That is the fastest little Hexapod I have ever seen. I have to pick up that book and look at some of the other designs for inspiration sake.
  I have reciently learned of Karl Williams after buying a hexipod vintage 2003  from ebuy. His body constructions are very tough. Not sure what processor to use yet but needs some work. Never saw a 3 motor setup like that. Good job.
sir can you send me the components list and schematics of your project? heres my email ascorbicman@hotmail.com

I just love the way this 6 Legged  - Hexpod struts his stuff, very smooth

The Turning on the Spot is super, the Video is very clear and its very easy to follow the symmetric/asymmetric leg - super exact turning, its a very well tuned Bot.


That was nice.
I would like to build that robot. :)


exuse me mr.

can you help me on my blog on exapod?

have you mechanical schematica , i am talking about mesures ...

have any advice about  dimensions? like lenght/width ratio , space between legs, height.. and how it behaves according on diferent size ratios?


many thanks

excuse me sir

can you tell me spcification of those servos? speed and torque

i am planning tho build one half in size

can it work?


i have got 3 of those mini-servos



Hi droidbuilder


I'm impressed, it looks great


maybe you can help with something

i have build a similar hexapod but it's not as nearly moving so fast

have you any explanation for it

i took out all pauses in teh program up to teh point that the servo's were working anymore as the were moving in one direction while the program already told them differently


is it a matter of faster servos'?




Very cool. I love how you found a way to use 3 servos to build a hexapod. Very inspiring. 

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