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H bridges and transistors

There have been a lot of questions lately about transistors, NPN vs PNP, Bipolar or BJT vs FET and their use in "H" bridges. I had considered doing a tip/walkthrough on the subject but typing "transistor" into google gave lots of great results. Same happened when I typed in "H bridge design". I realised I would be wasting my time writing a tip/walkthrough on either subject as there is better more detailed explainations already available. So for those who are afraid to google I present these links.

As usual the Wikipedia is a great source of information on transistors.

If you want to know about

PN junctions




Here is a great tutorial on "H" bridge design and control methods.

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I´ve starred at those links a while ago when my motor shield got burned, and I found those difficult to understand and to follow.. so I choosed to continue using the HBridge IC - L293D, and to build my own motor driver.
At the beginning I found many different information, many ways to do the same thing, and as I continue to reasearch, I started to see that I could write a walkthrough about a simple way to build a L293D circuit, easy to follow, even for someone who doens´t know to much about electronics.

What I am trying to say is, maybe you could make a small and basic walkthrough like the way you did other walkthroughs before, as if we were complete noob kids, knowing nothing about electronics, mosfts, and transistors..

I don´t want to give you extra work..  

sorry about my english  :)
I might do a walkthrough yet, a few simple designs. Don't apologise for your english, considering I can't speak any other language I'm grateful that so many others from other countries can and do speak to me at all.