Let's Make Robots!

LMR Rock in sync!

Hey guys.. What if we where all listening to the same Internet-radio station?! Could we decide like the radio station of the week?

Rik, whatabout chosing a channel & link to it for next pulse?


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I'm sure this would stir up some more strange shtuff. Accounting for taste etc.


Suggestions are welcomed below. The more extreme, the merrier. Let's Make Rockbots!

Hey, I am sure you are srange enough yourself!

Actually I demand you to find the right station, Rik! Mind you that it has to be something that people can stand listening to. You have such a broad taste, you chose something swell!

And this link will probably prove that only in part.

But if I make the decision right away, others might feel their suggestions are no longer necessary/desired. I would like to see what LMRians come up with (other than a personal podcast here and there....)

This station requires Free Windows Media Player

that sucks

for some!

I guess, in Japan, linux/mac and jazz don't mix.

Let's try Switserland instead.

Now that sure does not rock!
I like it. Well, for 30 minutes or so. Then it's back to Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven.
"Yellow" is a Swiss group? Cool music. Although the music I listen to when building robots is the "Mech Warriors" sound tracks. I use them in my videos now.
Y'all just don't know, here's some real bot-buildin' music, just sit fer a spell.  : )