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How Many.

Hello all, I just have a quick question: how many servos can a picaxe handle. For the robot im making, it needs to handle two motors, seven servos, an lcd, a srf05 sensor, two infra red rangefinding sensors and a sound output device. Can it handle all that?

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This is surely a case of "Start simpler, and you will know" :)
As long as you have enough IO pins. Each servo will need an output pin as will the speaker. So you will have to use reconfigured port C pins to control your motors and LCD. You could possibly use a 28X1 but a 40X1 may be a better choice. Run it at 16Mhz as the servo command will work properly at that frequency. If you need to ask this question then you should read the manuals more carefully before beginning your project. Manual 1 has details on re-configuring pins in the appendix's. Check in manual 2 that all your functions can work together. For example PWM and servo commands use the same timer.