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right angle 12v 83rpm gear motor


 Does anyone have experience with this motor or a similar one?

I just want a review before me and a couple of other kids spend 68 bucks on 'em, lol

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Sumo's are best with more torque. I am looking into making my own for local competitions. :D
Ok, looks like these are for a sumo, from your future project post of your robot. Here is a faster cheaper motor, that your controller can still handle. And I think they make wheels there ready to mount to their motors. Won't really need encoders for sumo.
your right they are for the V2 sumo, but remember, we want the most torque in the competition, and we have a lathe to make mounts for wheels. I really have a habit for leaving details out, don't I? Great site, thanks by the way

Anything wrong with these motors just posted here? They have about a quarter of the torque of those you have listed, but do have encoders, draw a lot less current, and cost only $8.

Writing a little about what you have planned for the motors would help in determining suitability.