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Sumo Bot V.2 aka Labotimize


photo.php?pid=157692&l=6a64c85704&id=1609273175Okay, The first one was okay, but in six weeks, I have to go to the West Point military academy and compete in four more events, one being Sumo Bots. "We can rebuild him, we have the technology" Construction for Labotimize begins today, Pics up tomorow, hopefully the La-bot-amy videos will be up tomorow also

RULES (more or less)

  1.  Wiegh under 2.5 Kg
  2. voltage must not exceed 18 volts
  3. robotmust fit in 30cm x 30 cm square
  4. must operate on at least 3 frequencies (we have 7 sets of crystals)
  5. competition is in a 4'x4' square


  • Lighter
  • more manuverable
  • MORE TOURQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


396.89 grams each



After seeing these motors on the bot, I highly suggest you use these for a sumo bot. They are EASY to mount and have great speed and torque 



~34 grams


Total weight

2-12-09,  827.78 Grams


CONSTRUCTION IS FINISHED!!!! ITS AWSOME! Okay, so this bot will be used in the Mightybot Challenge and in the Science Olympiad Sumo Bot event in Westpoint New york in march, Today when we fired it up, we pushed 5 KILOS!!!!! THE BOT WIEGHS 1.6 kilos! so efficiency is about %320 efficiency I will post Pictures tomorow and a video link also. I'm pretty excited with this guy


Okay, states is over, final weight of bot...2.2 kilos, wieght pushed 11.2 lbs (5 kilos), so 119% efficient, poop

WE GOT 5th PLACE out of 54 Teams!!






 I want to see if any one can figure out the two things we did to reduce interfearance 

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I'll draw up a few ideas, Thanks!
the funny thing is that the Gearboxes on the motors alone weigh more than the batteries, our center of gravity is actually just behind the forward most point on the wheels. Our problem during the competition was the scoop didnt stay on the ground if we accelerated too quickly, this problem caused us to loose our final match to a bot that ws fast enough to get under us before the scoop came down!

In that case you may have to try for more wheels and a suspension system to get the power of your motor onto the ground (more traction) or use a beltdrive between the motor and the wheels.


When I set up my robot for your challenge I had to adjust the suspension and weight distribution to pull 5Kg. Looking at your bot you have not got your centre of gravity directly above your drive wheels. That gives you a big disadvantage. It looks like only about half your weight is giving you traction. Worse still, your going backward!  :p

If you use bigger wheels then you can use your opponents weight to your advantage like they do in Martial arts.


In this setup (for pushers) your bot becomes a lever. If you can grip the opponent (double sided tape on the front) or get underneath then you can add some of his weight to your wheels while reducing his traction at the same time.

You need to experiment a bit with the X:Y ratio. Preferably make your centre of gravity adjustable to suit your opponent.

I did this with Mightybot since your rules didn't specify against it. Thats why all my batteries were out front. When the string was loose my back wheels were in the air.

yea, our first design used relays, in a nutshell we smoked a few :P (Partially due to low rated contacts)
Nice Fan, is it really getting that hot?
When we first tested it, we stalled it, and loaded down the controller, we needed to cool it to allow it to drive 10A and higher almost continuously for 2 minutes at a time(the length of the match)

ok, now i understand, 10A is frigging lot of current The drivers I am using in my current project would propably melt ( they get pretty warm with just 2,2 A)

might want to protect the top a bit better no ?
well, we figured it was protected enough with the acrylic shield