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servo servo PICAXE

Alright all, very simple question:

I have a picaxe 28x1 board

It will have 7 servos

Those servo's will have to move arms and body parts

I am looking at these:


question 1:

Is continous okay?

question 2:

are they good?


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Continuous servos have no positional feedback. Think of them as just motors, can spin clockwise or counterclockwise at various speeds but you have no way to tell what angle the shaft is at. You want normal servos for arms and stuff.

 Thank you very much, this helped a lot! :D





A robot you want to work is the one thats least likely.

Might be good to make estimates of the arm lengths, to calculate wheter a servo will be strong enough to move a weight at the end. A 43 oz-in (3 kg-cm) servo will move 43 oz (1.22 kg) on a 1 inch (2.54 cm) arm, or it will move 3.5 oz (0.1 kg) on a 12.3 inch (31.2 cm) arm.
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