Let's Make Robots!

Mighty bot



Build a bot with the highest Power to weight ratio!

Two classes, PUSHERS and PULLERS


  1. maximum voltage of 18v
  2. wieght in grams/kilograms
  3. Efficiency = load pulled or pushed (g) / Mass of bot 
  4. must use a video to demonstrate capabilities


  1. Test area will be a 50cm x 1m rectangle, contestant drags or pushes object from the forward most portion of the object to the end of the testing area
  2. Mass moved will sit inside or on top of a box or towel, contestant must demonstrate that the container does not help the robot in any way to move the mass
  3. any box may be used if the contestant chooses to do so as the containers mass will be added to the mass of the object/weight being moved 
  4. the container carrying the mass must be pulled via rope and hook, or pushed by the robot itself
  5. the mass and the robot must be tested on a flat surface, preferably a linoleum floor or gym floor(urethane coated wood)



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It's a shame it doesn't count on water; I've got a video of my model tug Eric towing a fully laden ~2M tanker around a pond. By my guess, the volume of water in the tanker (it was basically flooded with water to give it some mass) was around 15x30x200cm = 90000cm3, which, at ~1gram per cm3 of water, puts it at ~90kg, with the boat weighing maybe 0.5kg.

Drat; just realised when this dates from. Followed a link to it, and thought it was still current; Sorry.

It is well past the end date of the challenge. Did I win?

My entry was Mighty1. Pulled 5Kg across tiled floor. Weighed just under 1Kg.

I think i meant it to be october 4th
In Australia the way we write the date it is now 12-4-2009. I though I had won.
So was the end of the challenge the 10th of April or the 4th of October?

Found this video of a kid being draged across the floor by a swarm of robots. I'ts like ants attacking a worm. I'm glad I'm not competing with their creator.

Yea so if it is 900g then you are in first place with %555 efficiency

After a complete rebuild, Mighty1 managed to drag 5Kg across the floor. If anyone beats me I'll try again since I'm only running on 14.4V

I don't have any way of getting a precise weight of my bot, as near as I can figure it weights aprox. 900g. If it is a close challenge I will try and get the girl at the supermarket to weight it with the fruit n veg scales.

yea, my entry is almost finished, its the sum V2, (lobotomize) I only hope to push 3 kilos though