Let's Make Robots!

Mighty bot



Build a bot with the highest Power to weight ratio!

Two classes, PUSHERS and PULLERS


  1. maximum voltage of 18v
  2. wieght in grams/kilograms
  3. Efficiency = load pulled or pushed (g) / Mass of bot 
  4. must use a video to demonstrate capabilities


  1. Test area will be a 50cm x 1m rectangle, contestant drags or pushes object from the forward most portion of the object to the end of the testing area
  2. Mass moved will sit inside or on top of a box or towel, contestant must demonstrate that the container does not help the robot in any way to move the mass
  3. any box may be used if the contestant chooses to do so as the containers mass will be added to the mass of the object/weight being moved 
  4. the container carrying the mass must be pulled via rope and hook, or pushed by the robot itself
  5. the mass and the robot must be tested on a flat surface, preferably a linoleum floor or gym floor(urethane coated wood)



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I agree with Phungus. You need some more precise rules otherwise I could just hook up a big motor and a battery.

Can the weight being pushed/pulled be on wheels or sit on the ground. Even then it depends on the friction of the weight which is affected by surface area and materials used. Perhaps an area needs to be marked out and the robot cannot stray beyond the boundry just as a Sumo wrestler cannot go out of the ring.

The maximum voltage, is that just of the battery? can a DC-DC converter be used to step up the voltage from the battery? Is there a cost limit? A LiPo batterypack and a high performance brushless motor has an enormous power to weight ratio but cost about $500 AUD. I think that would be cheating.

yes, maximum voltage of the batteries, measured from the terminals on the battery, this should be demonstrated on the video.

the cardboard box that the weight should be in should be dragged on a smooth flat surface, like a gym floor, or linoleum 

I think the maximum spending limit should be 150 USD

Does it need to be able to do anything except push/pull things? or can I just attach some uber strong motors to a battery? or maybe find the object to be pushed/pulled? any certain distance etc?

I think some interesting research could come out of this!

I hink some (one) example on the details would help understand / inspire to participate.