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Like many others, who end up in the robotics field, I've always been a "tinker-er" when I was younger. Taking things apart to see how they work, buying electronics lab kits and completing all the circuits without opening the book, you know, typical stuff. Well now that I'm older, it's become a passion and a career choice. Don't mistake my age however, I'm only in high school, but I do plan on pursuing a higher level education in the field of engineering. Anyway being in high school, it's difficult enough to be accepted by others when your interested in "geeky" things, but it's no better being in an Arts school. Everyday I wake up and go to school with a bunch of right brained creatives, and as a right brained as well as a left brained person, I do fit in pretty well, but as soon as my passion for math and science come up, I'm pretty much alone in the water.

 That's why I decided to start a robotics club in my school. Maybe not the best idea, but I hope to spawn an interest in the artistic possibilities of robotics; getting ideas for robotic concepts from creative minds that are not limited by the boundaries of technology. Just think, you've seen robotic movies like WALL-E, and look how many ideas that movie sparked, I believe that that happened because the robots never had to be built, they could simply be and do anything without the technicalities of actual construction. I hope that the ideas conjured by my peers will be able to be interpreted by technology and created and constructed as a robot as well as art. Obviously I do not believe that ALL of my colleagues' ideas will be able to be executed, but, possible alternatives and perhaps simple innovations could be developed.

 So far, my robot club seems to be a success, though I have not held a[n] (actual) meeting yet, the first one is scheduled for this Thursday. There seems to be a simple interest floating around my modest school, I even got one of the security guards interested... Anyway, I hope that my club gains some footing and we actually build something. I am not expecting much, my knowledge is limited, and obviously so are my peers', but I'm still learning, and enjoying every bit of it.

That's why I enjoy websites such as this one. Unlike other sites, everyone here is supportive as well and suggestive, ideas are shared, information is stored, and beginners are welcomed. My only regret is not finding this site any sooner. 

Thank you to everyone who have contributed to this site, and I hope that the rumored "account cut-backs" (if you will) don't effect the quality of this website.

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I am in the same EXACT situation as you. However I already tried a club at my school, and failed, due to lack of faculty assistance, and lack of other student participation, so I just decided to go to my friends school, who has a successful robotics club and am now a member, I am their tolkein "robotics guy" because everyone has there own specialties. You should really look into both VEX and FIRST competitions, but a bunch of fundraising is needed, and for both, the time has passed to begin this year.


Are you in the states? What part? What grade are you in?


If sophomore and below, you have a great chance of success with the club, however, even if a bunch of people join and your a junior and up, it will most likely not succeed. 

I am a junior in an east coast school, and I go to my friends school, and we placed 1st for Regional VEX, so you definitly should try this. (My friends school's club consists of 3 prominent members, including me, showing that anyone can enter and win any competition) 


I'm a Junior in PA.

I have looked at compititions like FIRST and CMU's mobot, but because of the deadlines and high entry price my club won't be able to participate. A lot of people have infomed me that they were interested in participating and I can only wish that those people are up on their word. Creating this club is my for my senior thesis. I'm recieving no funding from my school, none from participants, and I do not have permission to fundraise in school. So all the money is comming from me.

Aww I am sorry, what kind of school would not let you promote that? Stupid!

Complain to the superintendent IMHO

The VEX kit is like $300 and the regional competition is only 75 buckaroos just in case you were wondering ;), hope to see you at championships some year


What's funny is, I go to a Creative and Performing Arts high school where we have majors like theater or visual arts...the year after I'm graduating, my school district is opening a Science and Technology High School...where you can be a robotics major or an electronics major...