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getting ready to start building but tryin to learn how to build stepper drivers first

 Ive got  the parts and the ideas  but  just  need  to learn some more  on these stepper drives  I can get the DC  drives allright  but  want a stepper drive for a part of my bot and general knowledge

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stepper motors are very similar to regular DC electric motors. The only real difference is they have multiple coils, while DC has only one. so to operate a stepper motor, you are to activitate these different coils in particular patterns to generate motor rotation, similar to pwm of dc motors. because of this they are usually two extra wires, usually signal wires I believe, and because of this they are harder to control, but a teensy bit more accurate.


My question to you is, is it really worth it? Time/debugging stepper motors, when a cheaper/faster dc motor driver could be made. I dont know, but when I made one I used this schematic:



 Except I used either an Atmega8 or Atmega 644, I cant quite remember