Let's Make Robots!

Arduino Minisumo 01

Do not tolerate other objects inside his perimeter

  • Weight: 332 g
  • Size: L=10cm W=10cm H=12cm
  • Sensors: Dual Front telemeter ranging, Dual Surface IR line sensing
  • Brain: Finite state machine baesd on Arduino duemilanove
  • Traction: Dual Solarbotic geared motor
  • Power supply: 6 AAA 800mAh NiMh Rechargeable battery

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This robot reminds me of that one robot from WALL-E that cleans everything. Like they'll be the tinyest thing over the black line and your robot freaks out and attacks it. haha this is great.


 consider that in those videos the batteries was 70%

when batteries are at full charge it's more aggressive





Now send that over to my house so I can mark off my floors and keep the kids toys away.
great project, really.  Fast and very efficient in cleaning the area.  And very cool mounting.  I like the behavior in general, very fun to see :)

Nice bot :) I'm trying to avoid comparing everything to Wall-E these days, but this one really reminded me of the OCD cleaning robot in Wall-E :)


This is a bot with an attitude. Not the sort of robot you want on your dining table ;)

I like your composite photos. Good idea. It keeps the page nice and tidy. 

I always like robots with a strong temperament
VERY NICE!! This bot looks like it might do well in competition. I have a Stamp-based minisumo I need to post here someday soon. When I lived near Denver Colorado I competed with it for awhile and it did okay until smarter "wedge bots" started showing up. Now my minisumo is "retired", waiting for me to someday find a use for him. In this part of Wyoming where I live now there is no one to compete with :-( It is great fun though if you have a robotics club nearby where they compete with these things! Good work - thanks for sharing it with us!
I wanna make 2 sumos. Have an idea for em. Good job on this guy. :D
Very fast and efficient! It would be great to see two of them in battle.