Let's Make Robots!

Arduino Minisumo 01

Do not tolerate other objects inside his perimeter

  • Weight: 332 g
  • Size: L=10cm W=10cm H=12cm
  • Sensors: Dual Front telemeter ranging, Dual Surface IR line sensing
  • Brain: Finite state machine baesd on Arduino duemilanove
  • Traction: Dual Solarbotic geared motor
  • Power supply: 6 AAA 800mAh NiMh Rechargeable battery

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Nice bot :) I'm trying to avoid comparing everything to Wall-E these days, but this one really reminded me of the OCD cleaning robot in Wall-E :)


great project, really.  Fast and very efficient in cleaning the area.  And very cool mounting.  I like the behavior in general, very fun to see :)
Now send that over to my house so I can mark off my floors and keep the kids toys away.

 consider that in those videos the batteries was 70%

when batteries are at full charge it's more aggressive





This robot reminds me of that one robot from WALL-E that cleans everything. Like they'll be the tinyest thing over the black line and your robot freaks out and attacks it. haha this is great.