Let's Make Robots!

Smile, Mr Robot :)

As written earlier here in my blog, I am trying to make a robot that will take snapshots of itself.

I have made some laser guiding system (I think), and some cool docking so it can hook up a trailer with a camera on.

However, I figured that if the robot is taking pictures of itself, it should be able to smile to the camera :)

What is on the tiny shot is just how I think I managed to get a smile from a robot, interestingly to me, it appears that most animatronics either strive to look like a robot, look like something mean, or look human / natural. I wonder why noone (aparently) thought of ways to make them things just.. smile :D

It can also tilt the eyes, and the whole thing is going to be mounted on a servo, facing the camera (I hope)

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HAHAHAHa, sooo funny


That is way too funny, pretty cool!
big smile
I laughed so hard. lol great work. :D

ahahah wonderful :)


scrap it into the book if you want (is botjunkie scrapbook material yet?)

Wow, I think I am going to take a poor snapshot of a phillips screw, and expect it to enter CNN ;D
that it smiles!
fuuny smiley!!  :p