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Microcore Walker


74AC14 microcore ( L293D driver )





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hmm? cool way of walking :)

this is a cool tutorial on microcore walkers


wow this one is awesome:)
Really Organic!!!
I am just now getting around to commenting.... I adore your work sir, all of them. The solar (brainless) line follower is brilliant but this walker is so organic in it's moves, it's almost a little creepy. Good stuff, sir --Good stuff.
very natural and also very fast! thumbs up!
Cute little walker. I like it lots.

Wow! I said when I saw that! Best quadrapod of it's kind that I have ever seen!

More photos?

Why don't ya fill out the entire scheme on the "submit robot"? You can edit it and give us some more :)

And as said; Photos!! I'd like to understand how this thing is doing what it is!

AH! I get it!?!

Because of the angle, the overall "v-shape", the legs automatically lifts when they should! Very cool!

So it is just 2 motors with legs, but the way they are placed in angle to each other makes the legs move up from the ground when moving forward!!


you are right....

the dynamic (unstable) equilibrium is the key that make this bot walk

the trick is the correct motor angle , leg geometry  and weight balance... 

those parameter have to be tuned so the body tend to fall left and right at every step with the right timing

the critical aspect with this sort of walker is weight/power ratio -> too weight and it easily become a sitting duck...

infact it works for few minutes  because low energy 9v battery