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Alright, well I have already made a somewhat succesful post about my online robotics store that I am starting up, but I have decided to also make a blog/some blog entries on the subject.


Heres the deal: I am looking for people that would like to have their robot design sold on the site. Anyone who decides they want it on the site would get their name on the purchase page and a ink to their site/lmr profile/other online thing etc.

So anyone that would like to have their robot design in the store please comment on this blog post.


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Mr.M: Please get a new avatar, Maltik had that one first, and it is very confusing!
done :)

That avatar will definately cause no confusion with anything green!


Add some glasses...


Because that would not be confusing at all!

Seriously though, more cameras always improve an already great avatar.


I don't even remember what this thread was about. We better let Mr. M get on with it and find someone else to hassle.
take it away M!
lol. Anyways, im still looking for donaters.
I thought I was responding to myself... so i edited it, then saw that it wasnt me... so de-editted it :P


So there is no income to the people who donate their design?