Let's Make Robots!

Hey something to check out.

Trying to help TheCowGod with picking a wiki for this site yesterday on the shout box has inspired me to start an all Geek community. I dont want to take away from this site and I love this site. I will always be a member to this site. But if you want to share something with my site it is called Geek Coalition. Then feel free. But I am using the Drupal engine with some mods.

I have my robots on there also and will continue to put them on here. I also give credit where credit is due and on Jasper there is a link for LMR. My videos will always have LMR on them with the site address.

Just wanted to let you geeks know if you want to join you are welcome to.


Also let me know if you like the site design. I am still working on it. And am doing some PHP programming which I have never done before. It has always been C# with ASP .NET for me. So its fun. I just started yesterday on it. :D

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I dont think this constitutes as spam. I hope at least. :D I just wanted to try something new. :D


Thanks Fritsl for starting a great site and being a personal inspiration. :D


(all of the above!)