Let's Make Robots!

Rodrigo the photopopper

Navigate toward light


  • Lenght: 8 cm
  • Width: 6.7 cm
  • Height: 4 cm
  • Weight: 34 g



Work in progress



2 Solarbotics SCC3733 - 37 x 33mm Polycrystalline Solar Cell 14,60EUR
1 74HC240 CMOS Inverted Octal Bus Buffer 1,00 EUR
2 Micro-motoriduttore, rapporto 81:1, 370 RPM 26,40 EUR
2 Fotoresistenza LDR 07, ø 5 1,50 EUR
    43.50 EUR

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Would you just look at the speed that Bot goes .......

I think they should install  Inverted Octal Bus Buffers into the Formula 1 cars at Monza (Italy).

Super slick direct design ........ Thumbs up .... or is it  "Suns" up


Very nice!
This is such an awesome little bot, way cool noise0!
nice job, can you make it follow a black line instead of a white one?

I love the use of the logic chip as a control mechanism.  This is a nice change to all of the uProcs that we all use.

Great work and can't wait to see more.

EDIT: I did a bit of searching since I was damn curious about how the logic behind this worked and found an article on the sb board that goes into a similar design using the 74hc240 chip.


This helped me to understand a bit more of how the chip was utilized. Again, I have to say, great work on this design noise0. :)

I think this will help others in utilizing solar power in their bots.

What is the voltage/amperage you are seeing from those 2 cells indoors? I have future plans for a solar robot and I have been looking at cells.

 those are two solarbotic SCC3733

rated 6.7V , 15mA


Good write-up!
Btw, i saw you're italian.. I've always said it, italians do it better :) All your robots are quite original and interesting.

wow i think this is the first solar powered robot on LMR, iirc

so no controller at all.. cool!