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Has anyone had any success programming the event phrases into the SpeakJet's EEPROM? I don't know if this is done via a PIC or right from my computer. The software implies that you load it onto the speakjet directly from the computer, but how would I do that? 

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You should be able to do it either way - from PC or PIC. if you use your PC, then the PhraseALator software will, I think load event phrases for you; but you will need to construct an appropriate interface or use SpeakJet's experiment board. if you use the PIC then you will need to work out the code sequences. Unfortunately, there's no examples in the manual for this so far as I can see, and I can't find any with Google either.


Could you store the code for each letter in the code on the PIC and then send it each letter as you needed it? For example to say apple you would send it to a function to say a then p then p then l then e. I know it wouldnt pronounce correctrly because t and h would say t and h and not THHH but it would be close.

For anyone concerned along these lines, I've found this link:


that breaks down the serial commands for the words. I've joined a Yahoo group that seems to think this stuff is easy as pie. I think, instead of trying to program the EEPROM, I'll just program the commands into the picaxe and transmit that way.

Can any of the electronics wizards explain why there are two 27k resistors and two 0.01u capacitors in the diagram below betweeen pin 19 and the audio amp?

Balinese Archive - SpeakJet Circuit


I also now note Figure 1 in the SpeakJet manual shows a 50k pot between the SpeakJet and the audio amp. I have a 10k pot (as per the LM386 spec sheet). Would the smaller range of the pot explain why it seems to haveno noticeable effect?


Can you give me the link to the SpeakJet Yahoo Group?  Thanks!

 Aaron (aaron@zmm.com)

The SpeakJet Yahoo Group can be found at