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The Pulse - 2009w07

The Pulse - 2009w07

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The previous "Pulse" was 2009w05. All Pulses are tagged as "thepulse". Feed your RSS muncher with this.

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haha thats what happened!!

uhm, ok...

did vista crash again?

I now know what happened.

Evidence can be found here

haven't you heard? There is an inexplicable outburst of very aggressive keyboard assaults or VAKAs in the Netherlands. That's not Rik eating his keyboard, but the other way around!


 Well thank Bog he's not using a wireless keyboard.

Now at least he can retreat to a safe distance beyond the length of to cable. The next Pulse might be a bit boring that way though...

 / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"


I thought there was a new Pulse out!

.. and who took the picture?

Oh dear, poor rik has lost it.
I don't think Rik ever had the sanity to lose.

as in: true he did not have any?


as in: true, that's what you thought?