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Electronic Switches

Ok I have a switch with 3 leads. the leads are marked 1a 1 1b

How do these connect?

I just wanna make sure my +'s and -'s wont cross causing a short in the system. I thought a rocker switch disconnected 1 of the leads. I tried searching google and here. Should I connect both -'s to the middle and both +'s to the side where it has on? That is making more sense to me since I believe 1 of the leads gets disconnected. 


Thanks for your help.

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Get a meter (measury thingy - Fristl speak) and test each connection on the switch, moviing it into different positions as you test. Just simple continuity testing, some meters will make a sound when a connection is conducting.
But I still didnt know that the ground didnt get connected to the switch at all. That is what confused me.
Thanks Ant you saved my bot!

hi LOL, I'm not sure about the switch you have, and what you want to do with it, but heres an example:

Want to switch power from a battery to a picaxe board;


  1.  run the - (neg, gnd) directly to the board
  2. run red (+) from battery to the middle pole/pin on the switch
  3. run red from one of the other poles/pins on the switch to the board
You only need to switch either + or - to be able to complete/open the circuit, hence the neg wire going directly from battery to board. 
By the sound of what you have now, you may be shoring battery when in some position of the switch, check things with a multimeter. 
If I've read what you want to do wrong, let the flamming (flaming ;)) begin.


I just about burnt my battery holder. The board is ok though... :D
I soldered the - ground both to the middle (one from the battery holder and the other from the picaxe) and I soldered the + voltage to the on from both also. And it works! Woot!