Let's Make Robots!


RC_Port_Layout_R3.xls28 KB

    We built this bot for the FIRST Competition - This will explain a lot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnGfbGzEFrM)


     We plan on harvesting balls and using the belts to tranport the balls up to the pistion, after that I hope to pin other bots and launch then in to there trailer.  Let me know what you think of our desgin.

More Pictures here and there.


Carmen Ackermann steering

We went with Ackermann steering to have better control of the bot, we usually use tank drive.


 Robot Control system

 Here is the Robot Controller


Moon rock

Here the game piece that we will be competing with



Close up of our rollers, just an ABS tube with PVC rings to keep the polychord from traveling


View of work place

Heres is a view of our shop


 Ready for action

Ready for action (On a prototype frame)



View of ball ready to launch

 View of ball ready to be luanched



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cool looking!

i wonder why everybody is being such a dick when this guy seriously spent a lot of time working on this! better than i could do!

 btw- what controller does it use? 

It is a NI (National Instruments) Modular Controller. You can get the base and buy add ons (Like Pneumatic Controller, PWM generators, Analog inputs, you name it) You can program it in Lab View or C++, it is a great system using a powerPC cpu, you can even do video (color and shape recognition). Pretty awesome...

Its called C-Rio

So how did you guys do in regionals?


We got an award, and so are going to nationals in Atlanta, how about you?

We got 8 place over all, and won the safety award

so you are going to Atlanta?
are those scuzzy drives?

I've been following the FIRST competition for a while and I am jealous that it did not exist when I was in school.  Nonetheless, good job on the robot construction.  I know you are provided a kit with the basic components that you must use and the rest is up to your enginuity.  For me, the pictures and videos said a lot about what you all are attempting to accomplish.  Hopefully that conveyor belt design will work out for you as I'm not so sure the bands was the best way to go for this design.  They did work in the videos though.


Thanks for the post and keep up the good work.  Also, try to add some content as to what the different systems are designed to do and possibly some techniques/brainstorming ideas you chose to use.

We going to be at the PHX,AZ Regional. March 19-21. Cant wait

My team is the Roboraiders!  Look for Team 75!!!


Good luck next week playing LUNACY!!!