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    We built this bot for the FIRST Competition - This will explain a lot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnGfbGzEFrM)


     We plan on harvesting balls and using the belts to tranport the balls up to the pistion, after that I hope to pin other bots and launch then in to there trailer.  Let me know what you think of our desgin.

More Pictures here and there.


Carmen Ackermann steering

We went with Ackermann steering to have better control of the bot, we usually use tank drive.


 Robot Control system

 Here is the Robot Controller


Moon rock

Here the game piece that we will be competing with



Close up of our rollers, just an ABS tube with PVC rings to keep the polychord from traveling


View of work place

Heres is a view of our shop


 Ready for action

Ready for action (On a prototype frame)



View of ball ready to launch

 View of ball ready to be luanched



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what, no description whatsoever?
What type of circuit are you using? Will it be able to move in the future as it weaves stuff automaticly? I would put some IR and Sonic sensors on it so it could move around the house while it makes stuff. :D


You harvested lotsa "ehhhms". Now I all I can do is make fun of the name. I won't. 

Welcome to LMR nonetheless!

It looks like its for the FIRST competitition, he is doing the same idea as numerous schools around us. Basically the two PVCS (connected via big rubberbands), one has an axle (sort of like a chain drive). And each pvc has a bunch of prongs on it. Now when these pvcs rotate, it picks up the balls, and leaves them in its container.


Very effecient design, which is why it is used often, however, our bot will kick the crap outta any bot that uses this design

excuse me are you trying to say we are copying other designs and by the way where is your gracious professionalism, because i am a better person than you and our team is a role model I will not respond the way you did, but let me tell you one thing at Atlanta we're bringing it so watch it.

It's already been done... 20 bucks, 20 minute install.


I hope that was a joke :P

He has a point you know...


To be honest, I have no idea what the hell this thing does! Seriously, who does a post with absolutly no info included? Did they have no keyboard? The videos were no help -an over-produced intro, over-used techno background with no narration with most of this video showing people just thowing some kinda ball into the thing. What do you want from me?

--You give me nothin'... I'll give you sarchasm!

We have been really busy John is doing all he can but doesnt have enough time we have been really busy if you go into youtube there are a lot of videos you can go search