Let's Make Robots!


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    We built this bot for the FIRST Competition - This will explain a lot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnGfbGzEFrM)


     We plan on harvesting balls and using the belts to tranport the balls up to the pistion, after that I hope to pin other bots and launch then in to there trailer.  Let me know what you think of our desgin.

More Pictures here and there.


Carmen Ackermann steering

We went with Ackermann steering to have better control of the bot, we usually use tank drive.


 Robot Control system

 Here is the Robot Controller


Moon rock

Here the game piece that we will be competing with



Close up of our rollers, just an ABS tube with PVC rings to keep the polychord from traveling


View of work place

Heres is a view of our shop


 Ready for action

Ready for action (On a prototype frame)



View of ball ready to launch

 View of ball ready to be luanched



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Where are you guys playing? I am team 2866.

not bad

but it is too lousy.built a robot that can comunicate with people!!!!!

Some people just talk out there ass... :P

0 robots on this site danielfoon has... Good job failing danielfoon... :D 

Not all robots communicate with people. None of the robots you have posted here communicate with people ;) (For those too lazyt to click through, he hasn't posted any yet, hence the humor. Now back to your regularly scheduled post.)

I clicked all the links and all I understand is that FIRST is a USA thing. And that's about it.

I am not from the USA. Does that make me stupid?

If so, here is a chance for you all to alleviate some international stupidity. Without ever leaving your country! Thanks in advance.


Oh, I watched the video explaining this "Lunacy" game. Man, it would have been so much easier on me if you had mentioned "ball game" in the first sentence of your post! I understand how the editor initially screwed you over. That was harsh. Not just on you. On your readers as well.

I would love to see how this robot develops further and how it performs in the games. Good luck! With robot and editor alike.


thanks on the luck comment we Falcon robotics team really appreciate it
A robotics technology application competition for high school/junior high students is a sort of description of FIRST, BEST, and probably a few others contests. Various schools that wish to compete form student teams, gather teacher and industry "mentors" for those teams, and hopefully sponsership from local industry. Each year a new competition including rules for the arena, and  the parts allowed that year is announced, and then teams have something like 6 weeks to build and learn to pilot several robots up to successfully compete. Successful teams in regional events go on to national competitions. Teams are encouraged to be cheered on not unlike the high schoo sportsl events, to provide an atmosphere of excitement in success in engineering a good solution. FIRST is the more widespread event started by Dean Kamen, that includes their main competition, a VEX based one, and also a Lego League I think. BEST is a less expensive competition along the same lines.
You might even get another star from Calculon. I'd still like you to tell us about the design, why certain methods were chosen etc.
It does move around and avoid objects. :D Good work!

Yes I do think it is appropriate!

It would be inappropriate if it wern't obvious that it is not a joint-rolling machine. I live by the creed: When in doubt, do the funnier thing. Also, joint rolling is not exactly illegal... You can buy all you want in Holland, its basically legal in Canada, if you are sick in CA you are good to go -even here in Mass we can hold up to an oz.

Now if it were a meth lab, that would NOT be funny.  --See the difference?