Let's Make Robots!
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    We built this bot for the FIRST Competition - This will explain a lot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnGfbGzEFrM)


     We plan on harvesting balls and using the belts to tranport the balls up to the pistion, after that I hope to pin other bots and launch then in to there trailer.  Let me know what you think of our desgin.

More Pictures here and there.


Carmen Ackermann steering

We went with Ackermann steering to have better control of the bot, we usually use tank drive.


 Robot Control system

 Here is the Robot Controller


Moon rock

Here the game piece that we will be competing with



Close up of our rollers, just an ABS tube with PVC rings to keep the polychord from traveling


View of work place

Heres is a view of our shop


 Ready for action

Ready for action (On a prototype frame)



View of ball ready to launch

 View of ball ready to be luanched



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K120189's picture
now u cant really leagally have an O here...u get an $100 fine
robologist's picture

I'll try to tell the next officer that stops me for speeding that my velocity is "basically legal" on the autobahn, and see how far that gets me.

I simply do not find the material suggested as funny in a response to a post that has evidence of a junior high/ high school robotics competition, namely FIRST. Kids will have plenty of simlar "jokes" by their peers to listen to, it would be hopeful that such material could be tempered with a bit of discernment here where many ages, parents and kids, are present, posting and reading.

Mike's picture
I guess the point is that Carmen rolled cigars, or cigarettes, not Js.
Chris the Carpenter's picture

Hemp? FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The balls are just there to throw-off the dogs, right?

LOLGeek's picture

Even though this is for FIRST this is still "OUR LMR" community to which they are now apart of. I think they would have heard worse in school about joints
and hemp. :D

Now a cig or joint rolling bot would be awesome. It could run from the cops lol... :P 

dent's picture

ur such a druggie, lolgeek

who needs a robot to run from the cops when we have you? 

robologist's picture

Even intending a joke, do you really think suggesting illegal usage is appropriate?

rik's picture
The balls are just training substitutes for the dogs.
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Mike's picture
I hate dog splat. I wish folk would clear up after their mutts. If I were king, I'd ban dogs within city limits, except working dogs like guide dogs. there's just no call for it.