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Light Arduino Robotic Shield

Our shield that we designed with Eagle arrived today from batchPCB.com.

Light Arduino Robotic Shield Light Arduino Robotic Shield

We have to test it out yet to make sure it works properly. I was just excited to show the progress. This is basically what we designed on the protoboard from our autonmous robot.



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Thanks Thomas!
It appears to bring out a few pins to 3 pin headers, guessing ground, power, signal.  And an added regulator, and a buzzer/speaker, and LED. Can you talk about why you designed it the way you did, what choices you made?

When we built our robot LARS, we hooked everything up on a protoboard.


So with this shield we thought it would be more convient to be able to plug everything in. I wanted to know how to work with Eagle, so making this was more of a test than anything. Plus it was pretty cool to see something that started out on a breadboard, move to the protoboard and then to a finished board.

You are correct, the pins are for power, gnd and signal.  

If it works out, I thought we could sell it as a kit on our blog. Before that though there are still things that will have to be worked out  and tweaked.

It maybe a dumb question but what does it do ?

Its just a shield to plug on top of the arduino for hooking up the servos, ping, etc.  if you wanted to build a robot similiar to the one we built. 


it could be useful on the robot i'm building, great!


 don't forget to update whenthey will available for shipping!