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I want to get started, but I need help putting a decent started pack together. I know I need a board, download cable, etc, but what other toys should I start with?

 I want to be able to start off small: get a light to blink. Then move to getting several lights to blink in order or random order. Then I want to move onto attaching a motor and getting it to spin. Eventually I want to build a robot that will do all of my work, but baby steps right?

 Any suggestions on components for someone wanting to start small and maybe work to a small robot without having to place numerous orders over and over?


I got my computer science degree and I am almost done with my masters in Info Systems. This is right up my alley! I haven't had a hobby in 2 years since I am working full time and taking night classes. I want to buy some stuff now so when I get married in a few months I can't get told NO! :)

 Thanks for any help with a starter kit! I want to try to get as much as I can in one shot so I dont have to make several orders and get eaten on shipping!

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I have flipped through that before (although I did forget about it so the refresher was nice). The only problem I am seeing is that there is no "one stop shop" for the USA. It looks like some places have the picaxe stuff but lack on servos and IR sensors.

 I was hoping to get everything (or most of it) from one shop, but it looks like I will need to buy from 2 or 3 places. I'll keep looking!

 Thanks for this fun and informative website. It will definately help when I can get to building.

 To my knowledge 2 shops can do it - but if you read through it, you will find links debating this issue.. I think:)

/ Fritsl

To put it short; Top menu, "Start here" :)

Should we rename that menu-point, perhaps "Beginner" or something - you are not the first one asking for it.. 

/ Fritsl