Let's Make Robots!

Well I did it now!

I switched to Ubuntu linux and I love it. Here is a movie of my desktop. It is not the best. I need to get a better screen recorder. There are lines going through the video. :( But I dont see that when I am on my screen. I love it though. I installed compiz-fusion. :D
Sysinfo.txt2.91 KB

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what are the specs of your PC....i have been wanting to do that but didnt want to take down my windows PC yet

very nice demo too

My Linksys USB wifi adapter would not work without Ndiswrapper. So I just said freak it and created a FAT32 partion and moved all my files I created on windows and wanted to keep still. Then I wiped all the other drives and installed Ubuntu 8 Hardy on the main partition. Now everything works. Even after the update. I have attached my system information in a text file. The only driver I had to install so far is just the nvidia driver for the 8200 series for Linux. it shows as an unknown in Ubuntu but works just fine. :D Even in my Steam games running under wine. :D 


My Computer is an Acer aspire ax3200-u3600a. I got a cheapy untill I can afford the parts to build a better box with only linux supported hardware. :P 

Oh man! That is a Shunnable offence!
I still need an editor for my movies. And I really dont think anyone will take a real notice of that video. :D
If you have a PC with Windows anywhere you can use Windows Movie Maker its free and comes with the OS.

Windows is now a bad word in our house... :D

All computers are now Ubuntu linux. Servers are Redhat Enterprise with apache for web. :P 

And all windows have been converted to doors and walls? :)
I am very glad Microfail is not in the construction business. Houses would be falling down right about NOW! lol

Just open your browser and click on your mostest favouritest link (need I explain which one that is?!) and show us where you like to go, webwise.

THEN shoot a video of your amazing Ubuntu 3D desktops.


its still hard to see. but anywho it wont happen again.

Well I am off to gamble and watch a movie today. :D later.