Let's Make Robots!

my brand new shiny blog :P

Hello, i just wanted to share that i have opened a new blog, you can find it here:


I felt like i needed a place where to post small updates and big projects and that's it :)

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Lol you made a blog to advertise another blog :P


All jokes aside: very nice blog so far. But I wonder why you did not choose to use an existing controller that has a nice library, say the Xbox 360 controller. I wrote a C# app to be able to send packets via COM port to the Xbee Explorer, to an Atmega8 to a sabertooth 2x25 motor driver. It worked well and writing code for analogue based inputs is a @$@#



Thanks :)

Well yes, that was one of the idea, but in the end it was probably cheaper to make a custom one.. It's also nuch funnier :)