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is it ok if im going to use 5v if i use the




1superbright LED

2 microswitch http://www.hvwtech.com/products_view.asp?ProductID=737 

im planning to do a robot based on frits design and blizz bot  but i will add some LED's for fun

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Sounds like it could work. The best power source would be 4 AA size NiMh rechargable batteries to deliver enough current to run most items. That is pretty close to 5 volts. Remember Oddbots Tip/Walk on LEDs to add a resistor.
thanks men..so the microswitch has nothing to do about the voltage? im just curious why the blizz bot used two power supply
The Blizz bot second power supply is described in the first few sentences. One supply for the micro, another for the servos and sonar. Motors and sometimes sonar can draw a large amount of current during their operation, so it can be better to give them their own supply. If only using a small servo or only 1 sonar, then only one supply may be enough. If the micro resets when the robot is running, it starts the program over at times, then it might be good to add a second supply, or try to filter the power to allow the micro to keep running.
thank you for your help... :)