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Rearranging Best Practices

This might actually belong in the Wish-list topic, but since my text is so long I've made it a new topic.


It is a reoccurring problem that people post stuff on our site without respecting the "Best Practise" advises. This is simply because they dont read it, or have forgot that they've ever read it...

I think it would be a good idea to put parts of the Best Practice into every posting page.

On "Post New Forum Topic", underneath "Submit Forum Topic" above "Subject:" there should be a link called READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A NEW FORUM TOPIC. The target page should contain the relevant info from the Best Practice. The stuff about the Shoutbox etc is irrelevant for this section, but stuff like write "How to recharge a battery" instead of "HELP ME!". And "Do a quick search to check if someone else has asked your question in a previous post" And Write Tags, many tags, on-point tags and logical tags. They make it easy to find relevant topics later""

When Commenting on a topic/blog/component there should be a link to READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A COMMENT, that warns people about hijacking a subject to ask about something else, and only comment if they have anything interesting to add. Posting "yeah" or "LOL" only make the subject less readable.

Stuff about not making large signatures and choosing unique and non-obscene avatars should be on a link called READ THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING CHANGES TO YOUR PROFILE on the apropriate page.

In the READ THIS BEFORE SUBMITTING A NEW COMPONENT, there should be guidelines to what constitutes as a component and what constitutes as a robot. Like the AmandaLDR: It is not a readymade component, but it's not a robot either. Some tips on what kind of tags we want would be smart as well.

The READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A NEW BLOG POST should mention what should go in blog posts and what should be a forum topic. That even though it's your own blog, this is a technoligical site, not an aspiring Perez Hilton competitor.

Of course some of the tips on these pages would be global, or at least reappearing on several of the pages. The stuff about tags, not hijacking subjects and being polite (unless you're a scandinavian) should be available everywhere.

- aaaand maybe there should be a small message saying "Use the forums for tehchnical questions" when you hover the mouse over the shoutbox..

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Why not have it all appear when the user is registering?

well... Have you ever read the agreement before installing a downloaded update to a program? And if you did, do you remember that after a year?


If it is in a long paragraph and not readable no I dont read it. Our best practices is actually readable so I would read it. Of course no matter what we do peopel wont remember after a year, but it would affect how their habits on the site are formed and avoid those types of annoying behaviors.