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I live in the US. NW part.

Is there a tutorial I can find that explains programming for the arduino?

Also, you should check this out if you get a chance. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/16707


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Also, where did you get the treads?
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there are no bad questions here ;)

the remote was a wii nunchuck, this was how I used it: http://www.tinker.it/en/Tutorials/WiiNunchuck

for the wireless communication with xbee: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4118

the threads I can't remember where I get them, it will depend on where are you.. US? EU?

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Alright so first of all good job, this may be a bad question on my part, but what did you use to control it wirelessly, and how did it work with the xbee?
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Hate the fact that it is remoted, love the arm and the funny thinking! :D

Nice job!

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it is remoted for now..  :p
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Nice job. I really like the arm. Great idea. :D
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Great stuff Guibot !

With a little more power you could have the arm under the chassis and make it hop like a grasshopper.

 Awesome !


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There was no video the first time I saw this but that tail is great! Reminds me of a scorpion. Very cool!