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Since I started messing with robotics that I wanted to build a tank, and finally that moment arrived when two Tamiya thread kits and a Twin Motor Gearbox arrived.

Everything started with a sketch:

And as soon as I decided what I want, the assemble process has began.
I have some plastic sheets laying around and I thought they would be perfect to hold all the hardware.

The chassis:


Meanwhile the replacement motors from Pololu arrived and I soldered the caps to remove motor noise.
The ones that came with the twin gear box are very noisy (electrically speaking)

This is the design in an almost final phase:

Later I replaced the plastic things for wood, and I used polymorph for the first time, it´s the best material I have seen in the last decades.

The brains (Xbee, Arduino and my custom motor driver with L293D):

When all the things got in place it was time for a test drive through some obstacles..
I figured that it needs some kind of stabilizer.. otherwise it won´t climb more difficult obstacles, OR it may flip around… (I think i´m just having an idea for another bot)

and… this was what the solution I came up with  :D

I placed an “arm” on the back, it stops the tank from flipping over when its climbing stuff.

It works like a charm  :-)

It´s a lot of fun to drive this thing!! :-)

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the british had it right 95 years ago :P british tank

P.S. Long tracks are Looonng.

and I thought I was being original :D
This is really awesome. I just ordered the Xbee's the other day and they should be here tomorrow. Can't wait to for us to experiment with them on our robot.

The movement of the arm is controlled by the operator?. Are you thinking in automatic operation?.

On the other hand I see a bunch of batteries in the photos: two packs of 5 and 6 units. How do you distribute the power to arduino, twin gearbox and servo?. Are 6V enough for the microcontroller?.

i´m using a 7.2V battery, being regulated to 6V to power the motors, and then being regulated at 5V to power the Arduino and servo.

running a duino with 5volt still works? the spec on arduino.cc says minimum 7V

Unless it's a Arduino Pro, but from the pictures it looks like a regular diecimilia/duemilanove.

(after reading the atmega128 data sheet to be sure) All processors I've used will usually fry if you run them much above 5.5V Many will run at lower voltages down to as low as 2V. The Atmega 128L can run well below 5V. For  a PCB to require a minimum of 7V means it has a regulator on the PCB. If you use less than 7V then the regulator will still pass on the power, but will not meet its specifications.

Make sure you read the datasheets :P 

Don't forget that the arduino isn't just a Atmega168, there's a voltage regulator on it
the atmega is powered from the regulated voltage, this is always 5V
does it say that?   lol   

with 5V works good  :)

I have other bots being powered 4 x AA NIMH batteries and also work great