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Since I started messing with robotics that I wanted to build a tank, and finally that moment arrived when two Tamiya thread kits and a Twin Motor Gearbox arrived.

Everything started with a sketch:

And as soon as I decided what I want, the assemble process has began.
I have some plastic sheets laying around and I thought they would be perfect to hold all the hardware.

The chassis:


Meanwhile the replacement motors from Pololu arrived and I soldered the caps to remove motor noise.
The ones that came with the twin gear box are very noisy (electrically speaking)

This is the design in an almost final phase:

Later I replaced the plastic things for wood, and I used polymorph for the first time, it´s the best material I have seen in the last decades.

The brains (Xbee, Arduino and my custom motor driver with L293D):

When all the things got in place it was time for a test drive through some obstacles..
I figured that it needs some kind of stabilizer.. otherwise it won´t climb more difficult obstacles, OR it may flip around… (I think i´m just having an idea for another bot)

and… this was what the solution I came up with  :D

I placed an “arm” on the back, it stops the tank from flipping over when its climbing stuff.

It works like a charm  :-)

It´s a lot of fun to drive this thing!! :-)

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The arm is cool. Maybe it is not a perfect solution, but it sure is unconventional. Which, in my book, means extra cool points.

I would really like to see this with autonomous control. How would a robot decide when to use this arm, when it did not have the operators eye and brain to guide it?

"I would really like to see this with autonomous control"   so do I ...   :D

In the near future I will add some intellingence, I think an inclinometer will be able to detect when he needs the arm.  

I feel something is missing here   :-)


I'd hate to be the driver trying to explain this one to the sargeant major. 

nice work

please explain me what is that polymorph ( a sort of white paste ?)

never seen it before 

Search for it on here there are a LOT of threads. Its basically plastic that when heated can be molded.
If you added more plastic sheets to the underbelly that would help it from bottoming out. In effect it could act like a ramp and help propell the bot over the object. Very cool robot. Anything with tracks gets a coolness factor +1.
Do you mean a skid pan?
I don´t understand exactly what you mean by adding more plasic sheets to the underbellt..   but you will see the 'performance' of the arm, its really cool