Let's Make Robots!

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jklug80's picture
Make it so that the bottom is flat and smooth from where it angles to the bottom that is parallel to the floor. This way if you run over something it will push the robot up instead of running into the object and getting stuck. I could show what I mean a lot easier if I was decent at sketchup.
guibot's picture
I though in something similar, but that could lead to another problem, it would increase the length of the robot and would be difficult to maneuver in short spaces.. this is the same thing but it goes up when you don´t need it and low when you need  ...   besides, its cool to see things movin..  :-)

now I REALLY understand what you mean  :D
and I haven't thought on that.. :D
guibot's picture

you mean the flat thing below the tank  ;)


jklug80's picture
Yes but also add some to the wood sticks so it doesn't run INTO something, but runs OVER it.
ezekiel181's picture
Great, nice fat base there. Do you lower the arm on the back as a stabilizer to stop it flipping over when its climbing stuff?_
guibot's picture
yes! you will see it in action as soon as I finish editing the video  :-)
OddBot's picture
That is wide! Should climb well unless it bellies out on something.
guibot's picture
yes.. that is a big problem..  I could add more arms on both sides  :)