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FREE! (only shipping) Custom built sound effects module

I’m offering a sound effects module if anyone is interested in using for their project.    

It was designed for my Balbot to be sensitive enough to detect slow smooth-moving tilts and play a sound effect when tilted.  It works like a pendulum.  Unfortunately the weight of the module is too heavy for the Balbot.


If interested email me and I will send you a pdf with more details.















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Thanks Rik but the sound module is already gone.  The guy that wanted it is planning on adding to his battlebot.  Have not seen how yet but will post if I do!



We are LMR -> we need video!

Seems to me that this objects moves and makes sounds. Get your camera out!

Nice offer though. I am sure someone here will appreciate this enough to incorporate it in a robot.

See what you did now? Nobody else responded. And Karolyn is making such a nice offer here. This really looks like a cool piece of kit.

I think this thread deserves a bump. Here you go Karolyn!

Sometimes bad timing can result in no response. Just depends on who is on and when. Admittedly if you are still looking for a home for this then a video will help.

Sounds like it would go well as an electronic wind chime :-)